Akam Hewad

Gas Insulated/Conventional, Indoor, Outdoor

Gas Insulated/Conventional, Indoor, Outdoor

Gas Insulated/Conventional indoor/outdoor substations from 11kV up to 500kV.

Service Overview

Akam Hewad was established in the year 2018. At present it is providing Design & Engineering services in various projects in Afghanistan. In many of these projects, Akam Hewad is providing services as Contractor’s Consultant which requires high level of engineering skill in order to optimize equipment and materials. Akam Hewad follows well established Engineering Design norms laid down in International and national standards for day-to-day engineering services.

We can provide Project management, monitoring, progress review and supervision of erection, testing and commissioning by deputing senior engineers at site. We also provide Contour survey, preparation of topographical contour survey drawings using DGPS / TOTAL STATION for substation plots and overhead line routes, Soil resistivity measurements using four Wenner method, Geotechnical investigation at site for Afghanistan Projects.

Detail Engineering and Project Management of Mechanical, Civil & Structural portions of Integrated Steel & Power Plants can be taken up with support from eligible likeminded Consultants.